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SOUTHERN VIETNAM ENGINE AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY COMPANY LIMITED (SVEAM) has been merged between two State-owned companies VIKYNO Co., Ltd. (established in 1967) and VINAPPRO Co., Ltd. (established in 1968) since January 1st, 2009. We belongs to Vietnam Engine & Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM Group) of Ministry of Industry and Trade.  
At the early stage of foundation, SVEAM was a company which imported all spare parts and assembled them at VIKYNO factory under the brand name of KUBOTA and at VINAPPRO factory for YANMAR brand name. From 1990, we strongly developed and produced diesel engines and agricultural machines with 2 trade names: VIKYNO and VINAPPRO. Nowadays, SVEAM is the top-class manufacturer of compact diesel engines and agricultural machinery in Vietnam. 
Headquarter - VIKYNO & VINAPPRO Co., Ltd.We have  40 machining centers, more than 400 equipments and devices for manufacturing, including many modern measuring instruments such as three-dimensional measuring machines, roughness testers, gear testers, thickness testers. Our productivity of diesel engine is 45.000units/year and of agricultural machines is 25.000units/year. In order to stabilize the product quality, to improve productivity, to protect the labours’ health and to preserve the environment,  we have continuously invested modern machines, specialized devices as well as built and maintained the Quality & Environment Control System ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.

Main products:

•   Diesel engine (5HP – 30HP).
•   Gasoline engine (5.5HP – 13HP).
•   Combine Harvester.
•   4-wheel tractor.
•   Power tiller (8HP – 12.5HP).
•   Rice reaper.
•   Generator (2 – 60 KVA).
•   Water pump (17 – 600m3/h).
•   Rice huller (600 – 1.200 kg/h).
•   Rice polisher.
•   Power sprayer.
•   Equipment serving fishery field: reducing gear box, air pump, …

SVEAM has a domestic network system with 200 major dealers Factory 2 - VIKYNO & VINAPPRO Co., Ltd.and 5 general agents.  SVEAM’s products have been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world such as: Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Myanmar, India, Srilanka, Korea, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria, Madagascar, Guatemala, Panama, Rep.of Dominica, Costa Rica, Chile, Panama, Canada, Germany, France ….

For the purpose of diversifying our products, SVEAM has ceaselessly researched many kinds of new-generation engines. We successfully manufactured the engines RV 165-2, RV145-2, RV320…which have small and tidy in shape, modern and nice in style, strong in power and low in fuel consumption.  

Due to outstanding achievements we have got for recent years, SVEAM were awarded  many medals and noble rewards with high moral title by Vietnanese Government and Authorities, including:
  • “Top 1 Labour Medal” from Vietnamese Predident in  2004,
  • “Labour Hero Title” from Vietnamese Predident in  2005,
  • “Top 3 Independence Medal” from Vietnamese Predident in  2008,
  • “Vietnamese High-Quality Product” Award for many years,
  • “Friend of Farmers” Title,   
  • etc…..
SVEAM received certificate “TRUSTED QUALITY SUPPLIER 2013”
45th Anniversary of the foundation and receiving the 3rd-class Independence Medal (2nd time)
Program on “Diagnosing, treating disease and delivering medicine without charge, presenting gifts to farmers and indigent people”
Diesel RV145-2 engines successfully manufactured
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